Carolines Hideaway

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well as it has been almost 12 months since I posted on this Blog, I thought it time that I updated LOL

We have had a busy year. At the end of May, we were offered the chance to move a few kms down the road to a HUGE house that needed looking after. We went up and looked around and then had a huge decision to make. The new place was enormous.... 8 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, library, sunroom, games room..... and so on! I think the decider in the end was the swimming pool, tennis court and the fact it was so much warmer than Burgoon. The property was owned by the same landlord and he was keen to get someone in to care for the house as he wanted to keep it as a potential family home for the younger members of his extended family in the future.

We decided to make the move. One week, whilst Nicholas was in Sydney with Rebekah and Chris, Gary and I packed up the house and moved everything using our little 6X4 trailer!

We have a kitchen that is full of cupboards and, although there were mice when we moved in, there were and still aren't any in the pantry. This was a huge problem at Burgoon, where we could sit and listen to the traps going off every few seconds at times! The cats have done their job and I haven't seen a mouse for ages :)

We are convinced that this house was once run by a very well off family. There is a bedroom and a bathroom only accessed from being outside the back of the house which we are sure was for a groundsman and another bedroom and bathroom near the kitchen which would have been for a housekeeper.

We have a aerial photo of the property from some years ago, this shows a sweeping driveway and a double garage around the side of the house. This is now gone, and the garage has been enlarged and become a huge gamesroom. We have the tennis table in this room, a TV and the Nintendo, the bar fridge and our new Christmas present, a pool table! And there is still room to spare!!

There are three bedrooms down the side of the house and I have one as a scrapbooking room and one as a sewing room. The first room is the guest room at the moment, but we have applied to become Foster Parents and so will become a child's bedroom. The sunroom off these bedrooms and this has our computers and Gary's train set.

The sunroom off the formal lounge is now our library and there was an enormous dining room table in the games room when we arrived, and we have moved this into the library as well.

The house has an outside eating area that is surrounded by flyscreen which is lovely. It needs a few repairs but will be lovely when it is finished.

Well, I have to go now and get some work done. I will be back with more updates soon!