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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am so slack!

LOL I keep coming back to this Blog and thinking I need to keep it updated slightly more often than I do :)
Trouble is, I get all carried away in my Aussie Caz Designs Blog, then I forget I should pop in here every now and then :)

Rebekah and Chris came up from Sydney last weekend and they have a new DSLR camera. they spent a lot of time taking pics outside, which is something I haven't done for ages, but I have yet to see the photos that they took!

but.... we did get this photo of this cute little baby Eastern Bearded Dragon (lizard). At first we thought it might be a Water Dragon, as Gary found it on the pool, as in .... in the water, using the surface tension not to drown LOL However, after asking Chris (SIL) who is our animal expert, we are assured it isn't. Shame, as we had carefully placed it on a lillypad in our fishpond LOL

However, the little critter did make his way off the lilly pad and was last seen streaking across the grass to take cover in the undergrowth that pretends to be our garden!

isn't it cute!

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