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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New photos of our front yard

We have been lucky enough to have had some rain since it rained all day on Christmas Day 2009. As a result, all the paddocks have a green tint and the grasses are about knee high. We had been unable to find enough money to put some aside for petrol for the mower and our yard was getting as overrun as the paddocks on the other side of the fence :)

Eventually, we decided that it was a necessity for safety reasons, especially after the snake incident (see my Aussie Caz Designs Blog) where Mollie (our Boxer) had bailed up a 4foot long King Brown Snake!

So here are some photos of the result. The yard looks so great after mowing. Even though it isn't all grass, in fact most of it is weeds, it still looks wonderful, green, neat and (from a distance through rose coloured glasses) like a real lawn LOL

The before shot!

Have a great day wherever you are!

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