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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More news from our lovely house

Another lovely day here in New South Wales. We could really do with some rain though, it is beginning to dry out around here. We did have some thunder and lightening Monday night, but no rain to speak of, unfortunately. Hopefully we will get some by the end of the week.

Gary was bringing Nicholas home from the bus yesterday, and heard a huge noise just as they came over the rise to turn into our driveway. A massive old gum tree had dropped an enormous branch and it landed right across the road! It was huge and very heavy. Fortunately, it was beyond our drive and no one was on the road at the time, it could have been a nasty accident!

So, they rushed home, as fast as one can "rush" up a winding dirt track!! and got the chainsaw and back down to carve up the spoils and bring them home to our wood shed ready to dry out for next years fire. I was so busy loading up the car with logs, I forgot to take the camera with me, so don't have any pictures, will have to get one of what is left today :)

More photos of the lovely flowers I have in my garden....

'til next time.... have a great day :)

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bbowden said...

Caz, these flowers are beautiful. You truly do live in paradise.