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Thursday, October 30, 2008

New pics to share

Here are some more pics of our gorgeous house. These show the house as being a bit of a shambles LOL we had only just moved in, but come to think of it.... it is still a shambles!!

This is a picture of the front room when we moved in. You walk through the door that we use as the front door and come into this room. When the removalists were bringing in our stuff, in the end we told them to plonk it all in this room and we would sort it out later. They had been shifting stuff for hours at this stage and we wanted an easier time for them. Little did we realise what a mamoth job we had set ourselves to get it all sorted LOL

This is the front room now.... it is a huge long room so as you can see we put the table tennis table up in it. It still had plenty of room for the dining table, a vintage treadle sewing machine, a games cupboard, a keyboard, chest freezer and a bar fridge!! The windows had these horrible dirty yellow roman type blinds in the windows which were falling to bits. So we removed them and put in lace curtains that we had brought with us.

This is, obviously, our dining table. When we moved from South Australia, we left the chairs behind as they were all a mismatch. We found these chairs at a second hand store in Orange, New South Wales. I think they are from a refurbished motel, but I like them anyway :) When it is just the three of us, we don't really sit at the table to eat, but the chairs have been used a couple of times now as we have had visitors!

This is the "Board" room. We call it that as it is the room in the house with polished floor boards, but it was bought into use to tell the removalists where to place some of our stuff. This is a pic of when we moved in. Although, in the pictures below, it still seems much the same LOL

This is my end, it has my scrapbooking table, my laptop table and the computer that Nicholas uses, although on that table is my Craft Robo cutter and my A3 HP printer as well.

This is Gary's end LOL This is his model "N scale" train set. It is even bigger now! He has extended it out over the cupboard in the foreground and built a new scene. The track for this joins in with the original tracks "underground" making it two tiered! Opposite this train set is another desk with Gary's computer on it and cupboards with our CD backups in from the computers.

More later.......

have a great day :)

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Pam aka Mom22 said...

Great photos, Caz! I love your Board Room!