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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well, it's been a few days since I last posted. Time just flies by so quickly nowadays.... must be 'cos I'm getting older (nearly my birthday as well, maybe that isnt helping LOL )

Here are some pics of the tree we have started to cut up since it was rude enough to drop an enormous branch on the road just beyond the entrance to our drive way!

This is where the branch was originally attached to the tree!

The pile of logs that Gary cut last, but we were too tired to collect right then :)

You can see how big the branch was by the comparison to Gary's shoe! It was huge :)

We still have to go back and finish cutting up what is left and bring it back to the house. The branch has given us a bit of a kick-start to next years fires LOL

A few more pics of the house. Seems like there is a lot of photos here and not much writing, but that is probably a better way of doing the Blog really LOL who wants to read a whole heap of guff from me when you could be looking at these gorgeous photos!

This is a photo of the stained glass window that we have in our bedroom. Now aren't we lucky to have such a gorgeous window :) The proper front door is also stained glass, but can't seem to find a pic at the moment, so you'll have to wait til later!!

Here is a photo of our eldest cat, Oscar, sunning himself and having a bit of a clean on the path !

And these are some photos of some visitors we had in the yard the other day! Some cuter than others as you will see!

These sheep had been in the paddock that is our driveway, and just decided that the grass really was greener on the other side of the fence :)

soooo cute!

This was one of a pair that came to visit one evening! They were the biggest foxes I have ever seen. This pic is not very clear, but he/she was moving really quite quickly and I just had to snap and hope for the best. Funny though, Oscar, our cat, just sat on the wheelbarrow in the middle of the garden and just watched the foxes wander around. Muffin (cat) ended up a tree and Casper (cat) was very interested, but the foxes disappeared before he could get to close.

Enough for today :) see you soon, have a great day!

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