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Thursday, November 20, 2008

News on my health

For those of you that have been following my health issues, I went back to the Drs yesterday. I saw my GP in the morning and found out that the blood tests I had done were all fine (the CT scan I had showed a possible issue with my pituitary gland) but he thought maybe the specialist might want an MRI done as well (didn't need one of these). Then off to Orange to see the ENT Specialist. The CT scan that I had done showed a soft tissue growth in the airspace within my inner ear, however the specialist did not feel that this was causing my dizziness at all. He felt that this was probably the result of childhood infections, I had a lot of ear infections as a kid, and nothing to worry about. Apparently the problem was caused by the move to New South Wales ( I knew this place wasn't good for my health LOL ). I had upset all these crystals in my inner ear and they were floating around all over the place instead of sitting nicely in the bottom of the canal as they were supposed to . He gave it a lovely name, which I promptly forgot, and then made me lie down on my back on a couch with my head tipping over the end of the bed, looking at the floor. This had the immediate effect of making the room spin. I had to stay there til it stopped spinning and then look over the other shoulder and do the same again. As I had just eaten Hungry Jacks for lunch, you can imagine how difficult it was becoming to retain this food LOL

Then I had to sit up and recover... and then he did it again!! only this time, I wasn't as dizzy and no where near as long. The whole point of the exercise was to resettle the crystals and put them back where they belong. I now have to spend the next three days not looking up or down, not moving my head suddenly, not bending down, and sleeping sitting upright as possible. Very difficult! If that wasn't enough though, I came out to the counter and was handed a bill for $140.00, which I was so NOT expecting! I must have looked shocked 'cos the lovely receptionist asked me if I would like to take an account and pay it later, which I agreed with as I didn't have that sort of money anyway :) The whole experience was horrible, the Dr was gorgeous, and so were his staff, but the test left me feeling so sick I couldn't walk around anymore and had to stay in the car whilst Gary did the grocery shopping. Fortunately he was there as I couldn't have driven the car either.

On the bright side, Nicholas finally got to use his cricket gear at practice, although it was really wet and muddy and it did rain whilst they were playing, he still got his bat, ball and gloves muddy, so he was one happy boy!

And... look what I found when I was making tea the other night... I have never seen one of these before, so we had to get a picture!

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